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Scientific Review


Antioxidant activity of citrus fruit

Makarova N.V., Zyuzina A.V., Miroshkina Yu.I.

Literature dates were published about the last 10 years on questions of investigation of antioxidant activity of citrus fruits are summarized. The problems of interaction between chemical structure, sort, color, degree of maturity of fruits and the level of activity on catching free radicals are considered. The example of practice using of components of citrus fruits as antioxidants in food systems are presented.

Keywords: citrus fruits, free radicals, antioxidant, fenolic compounds, flavonoids..

Economics of Food Industry


Organizational mechanism of management of confectionery enterprise potential on the basis of the balanced scorecard

Ufimtsev F.R., Skulches D.V.

The mechanism of management of enterprise potential on the basis of the balanced scorecard (BSC) as set of property,investment-innovative, labour, financial components with use of a method one-way regression analysis is considered. The basic attention is given to a choice of indicators from big number of possible variants, as major of construction of the BSC.

Keywords: management of enterprise potential, balanced scorecard, one-way regression analysis..

Food Raw Materials & Ingredients


Effect of the preparation furoian on development of quality of sunflower seeds of three varieties

Sonin K.E., Nenko N.I., Volgin V.V.

Effect of utilizing the preparation furolan on realizing the genetic potential of productivity of the sunflower seeds of the grades selected at the ARSRI is researched. It has been established that treatment of sunflower plants by the preparation furolan dosaged as 5 g/hectare is the most efficient, she increases the seed mass in the floscule during maturing, increases biological yield of the seeds by 4,6–11,5 metric centners/hectare, reduces hull presence, it increases the mass of 1000 seeds and their volume mass, the share of kernel and oil-bearing property.

Keywords: sunflower, furolan, productivity of sunflower, physical-chemical indexed and sowing properties of seeds..

Growth, meat efficiency and chemical compound of pigs meat at an exposition light of a visible spectrum

Tikhonova N.V.

It is established that the exposition of pigs light of dark blue, green and red spectra raises a pure gain of live weight on 9,2%;meat efficiency: prelethal live weight above on 9,4%, an exit of the hulk on 2,6%, a lethal exit on 2,9%; improves a meat chemical compound.

Keywords: light of dark blue, green, red, pure gain live weight, meat efficiency, meat chemical compound..

Fermentai processing offish stuff as of one the increasing methods of albumen prods’ output

Tsibizova M.E., Kostyurina K.V., Avoryanova N.D.

The way of hydrocoles’ rational reprocessing is substantionated in the issue of the studying of their histoligical structure changes under the refrigerator preserving. The technology of albuminous prods’ production from the undersized fish raw after the fridge canning is based on the process of its fermentation what is actual in conditions of a modern status of the raw material base.

Keywords: hydrocoles, refrigerator preserving, histology of a muscular tissue, fermentation..

Chemistry of Food Products & Materials


Change of lectins activity from castor bean and soybean seeds under the influence of sodium metasilicate

Aleshin V.N., Voychenko O.N., Minakova A.D., Lobanov V.G.

Sodium metasilicate influence on the ability of lectins from castor bean variety Belorechenskaya and soybean variety Alba to cause agglutination of human blood group A erythrocytes was studied. Sodium metasilicate was found out to diminish the activity of lectins from castor bean and soybean seeds.

Keywords: lectins, sodium metasilicate, castor bean, soybean, erythrocyte agglutination..

Influence of preparation with β-carotene on biochemical characteristics of soya hydrolyzates during storage

Traubenberg S.E., Badichko E.A., Miloradova E.V., Shishkina L.N.

The influence of preparation with ?-carotene on the second oxidation products, the peroxide amount, the conteit of protein and total lipids, and the ratio of the different groups of lipids in clarified in not clarified hydrolyzates is studied during storage within 3 months. It is revealed that use of carotenoid allow to increase the storage duration of the clarified hydrolyzates to 1,5 months.

Keywords: ?-carotene, soy flour, hydrolysis, centrifugation, peroxide oxidation of lipids..

Nonvolatile components in brandy spirits of different ages

Lepsheeva A.N., Ageeva N.M., Odarchenko V.Ya., Tsentroev M.V.

Comparative research of contents of nonvolatile components of cognacs and brandy spirits of wineries Naursky and Kizlyar is conducted.

Keywords: cognac, brandy spirits, nonvolatile components, cation metals, aromatic aldehydes..

Influence of degree of polymerization of molecules rattiline and raftilose on their residual maintenance in functional purpose bread

Koryachkina S.Ya., Baybasheva O.K.

The expediency of application Raftiline marks Beneo HP, Beneo GR and Raftilose Beneo P 95 is proved by manufacture functional purpose bread, allowing considerably improve organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators, to lower has sent also shrinkage, to raise a bread exit. Research of the residual maintenance Raftiline and Raftilose has shown that it is caused by degree their polymerisations (DP). It testifies that Raftiline Beneo HP with DP not less than 23 fructose units it is more expedient to apply to bread enrichment by food fibres, than Beneo GR (DP 10–14) and Beneo P 95 (DP 2–8).

Keywords: food fibres, raftiline, raftilose, polymerisation degree, prebiotics, hydrolysis (hydrolysis degree)..



Using the protein sunflower in production of bread from wheat flour

Shchekoldina T.V., Kudinov P.I., Bochkova L.K., Sochiyants G.G.

The data about a chemical compound of the protein sunflower received from sunflower shrot is presented. Technology of bakery products from wheat flour with use of the protein sunflower is developed, allowing to improve them touch, physical and chemical properties.

Keywords: enrichment by protein, protein sunflower, quality of bread..

Use of flakes grain and bean in baking of bread

Zaytseva T.A., Mogilny M.P.

Possibility of use of flakes grain and bean by manufacture of bakery products is investigated. The optimum dose of brought flakes on the basis of humidity and technological properties of dough gluten is defined.

Keywords: groats, bean flakes, bakery products, technological indicators of dough gluten..

Development of technology of ramson extract usage in bakery products

Magomedov G.O., Shamkhanov Ch.Yu., Israilova Kh.A.

The influence of water extract on bakery yeast, quality of pastry and contaminating micro-flora has been researched. The technologies of bread production from the mix of rye and wheat flour with addition of ramson extract have been designed.

Keywords: ramson extract, baking yeast, contaminating micro-flora, rheological properties of pastry..

Technology and formula of meat-vegetative frankfurters

Kochieva I.V., Ibragimova Z.R., Doeva I.G., Panina O.R.

The design of the meat-vegetative frankfurters technology with usage of mathematical modeling for optimization of raw material properties and consumer properties of ready made products has been represented.

Keywords: boiled sausages, product formula design, product chemical content..

Functional meat chopped products for preventive maintenance of alimentary conditions

Mogilny M.P.

Biological value of the functional meat minced products prepared in the various ways is investigated.

Keywords: meat minced products, biological value, protein effectiveness ratio, functional foodstuff..

Effectiveness of the cultivation of lactic-acid microorganisms with using as substiate CO2-meal spicy-aromatic raw materials

Khamitova N.R., Stukalo A.S., Shakhray T.A., Timofeenko T.I.

It was revealed the feasibility and efficacy of use of CO2 raw material from the caraway, coriander, parsley, dill as a substrate for the cultivation of lactic-acid microorganisms in composition with B. bifidum +L.lactis + L. acidophilus will expand the range of organic acids, which are probiotic factor.

Keywords: CO2-meal, lactic acid bacteria, fermentation, organic acids, titer..

Gollagenase use of king crab for reception hydrolysate from escallope cloak Palinopecten yessoensis

Maslcnnikova E.V., Cherevach E.L, Yudina T.P., Babin Yu.V., Tsybulko E.I.

The hydrolysate from escallope cloak Patinopecten yessoensis was received by means of Crusenzyme fermental preparation with the high content of free amino acids. It can be used as prescription component in food technology.

Keywords: escallope cloak Patinopecten yessoensis, collagenase, Crusenzyme, hydrolysate, fermental preparation, amino acids composition, optical density..

Combined salads for functional nutrition

Quitaylo I.V., Kozhukhova M.A., Stepuro M.V.

Salads based on topinambur were developed for the functional nutrition. There have been found all the normalizing microbiological indexes in the salad samples including salmonellas, L. monocytogenes, yeast, mould, S. Aureus, surphide reducation clostridi. The results of the organoleptic estimation, analysis of the microbiological indexes show the stability of preserving quality of salads during twenty four hours,
t(4 ± 2)°C.

Keywords: vegetable salads, cooling, microbiological indexes, functional nutrition, Jerusalem artichoke..

Biological value of mayonnaises with application of structuring agents compositions

Bukhtoyarova Z.T., Bugayets N.A, Tamova M.Yu., Bukhtoyarov R.Yu.

The receipe of mayonnaises have been developed with the use as structuring agents compositions of chitosan and protein concentrate obtained from sesame seeds. The estimation of organoleptic and physical chemistry properties have been made study, the food and biological value of the developed mayonnaises of functional designation have been carried out.

Keywords: mayonnaise, chitosan, protein concentrate, biological value..

New natural sweetener — diet biocorrector

Melnikova E.I., Niftaliev S.I., Shirunov M.O., Gribanova Yu.S.

The production method of new flavoring agent-sweetener from dairy whey was offered which provides ultrafiltration of dairy whey, fermentative hydrolysis by b-galactosidase Lactozym 3000 L HP-G, izomerization of the received carbohydrate galactose to tagatose, neutralization of solution by carbonic gas, removal of carbonate calcium deposit by centrifuging, deionization with applying cation resin, concentrating on reverse-osmotic membrane installation. The received flavoring agent-sweetener can be carried to natural biocorrector and was realized in functional purpose lactiferous products technology.

Keywords: tagatose, flavoring agent-sweetener, biocorrector, enzyme Lactozym 3000L HP-G, ice-cream, drinks..

Technology development and quality estimation of marmalade and pastiia confectionery enriched with ferrum

Stepanova E.N., Tabatorovich A.N.

The complex salt of citric acid: ferric ammonium citrate (food additive E 381) has been used for enrichment marmalade and pastila confectionery. Ferric ammonium citrate is a water-soluble, thermostable, acid-fast organic additive containing bioassimilable ferrum. It is established that additives composition dose with not more than 30% ferrum by recommended daily norm for women (0,14–0,21 g/kg of finished products) dont deteriorate the organoleptic evidences of experimental samples. The food ascorbic acid was added into the compositions in order to increase assimilability ferrum. The products enriched with ferrum can by recommended for prevention of ferrideficiency diseases of children and women.

Keywords: ferric ammonium citrate, marmalade and pastila, confectionery products enriched with ferrum, ferrideficiency diseases..

Food additives of vegetative and animal origin in elaboration of compoundings of sweet dishes with functional orientation

Bukhtoyarova Z.T., Bugayets N.A., Korneva O.A., Borisova M.A.

Compoundings and technologies of a creamy gel, an elder apple and apple sauce with the use chitosan, pectin,
?-carotene and their compositions are developed. Organoleptical, physical, chemical and microbiological indices of the developed sweet dishes are investigated.

Keywords: sweet dishes, chitosan, pectin, ?-carotene, organoleptic, physical and chemical and microbiological indices..

Instant drink on the vegetative basis, enriched by vitamins

Kirilichcva O.D., Zhulikov V.O., Poznyakovsky V.M.

The compounding and technology of an instant drink on the vegetative basis, enriched vitamin премиксом are developed. The drink can be recommended as a specialised product to various groups of the population for the purpose of elimination of deficiency irreplaceable nutrients and diet optimisation.

Keywords: specialised products, food concentrates, products of processing of a soya, a mix of vitamins, food value..

Using of vibration treatment influence in reel wine technology

Tkachenko R.N., Khristyuk V.T., Smelyagin A.I.

The experimental results on opportunity of using of vibration treatment influence in red wine technology have been represented. The ability of the process extraction of phenol and dye-stuffs substances out of raisin has been researched. Influence of the vine raisin vibration treatment on the resilience and composition of phenol and dye-stuffs substances of got wine materials. Optimal parameters of the vibration influence: frequency, amplitude and duration have been ascertained.

Keywords: vine raisin, extraction, vibration treatment, phenol and dye-stuffs substances..

Methods of preliminary treatment of sea-buckthorn berries before pressing

Dzharullaev D.S., Mustafaeva K.K.

Methods of preliminary processing of sea-buckthorn berries by an electromagnetic field of ultrahigh frequency during 1–2,5 min with the subsequent pressing, a raising exit and quality of juice is offered.

Keywords: sea-buckthorn berries, the methods of fruit-berry raw material treatment, high frequency electromagnetic field..

Processes & Apparatus


Slowed down movement of oil seeds in unidirection stream of air

Derevenko V.V., Gluschenko G.A., Korobchenko A.S., Alyonkina I.N.

Mathematical model of the movement of a crushed sunflowers seed particle on a inclined working surface has been founded in the unidirection stream of air.

Keywords: particle movement, pneumatic separator, mathematical model..

Definition of conditions of alcohol-containing mixes separation on NRTL method

Korotkova T.G.

Expression for the second derivative of Gibbs energy of NRTL equation is get. The result is used for diagnostics of a mix separation onto two liquid phases.

Keywords: NRTL equation, second derivative of Gibbs energy, delamination..

Use of technological block models for providing the quality of functional surfaces of food machines

Maytakov A.L., Kogan B.I., Vetrova N.T.

It is proposed the problem solution of providing the quality of functional surfaces in working elements of food machines this achieved by the development of information models of technological blocks (TB). The solution of this problem has been considered on the example of TB synthesis for the technological support of screw quality parameters which are widely distributed working elements of food machines. The technical specification to build the optimal TB has been developed subject to engineering and economical performance.

Keywords: technological block, quality parameters, screw, wear rate..

Development optimum on speed of diagrammes for little changes of temperature of a product in the device of air cooling

Dobrobaba Yu.P., Shapovalo A.A.

Two diagrammes are developed for little changes of temperature of a product in devices of air cooling. Parametres of optimum developed diagrammes on speed, and also analytical dependences of target temperature of a product in the device of air cooling from time at its optimum change on speed are defined.

Keywords: diagramme of change of temperature of a product, device of air cooling, diagramme parametres, analytical dependences of temperature on time..

Food Engineering, Processes, Equipment & Automation of Food Production


Modelling of the cold accumulator on the basis Of thermal pipes

Shartiarov M.V.

The model of accumulation of the cold process is constructed, allowing to optimise an operating mode of the accumulator and to smooth jumping loadings on a refrigerating equipment that will raise its reliability and working capacity.

Keywords: cold accumulator, thermal pipe, weight of ice, the freezing, the thaw..

Correlation estimation of the corrosion stability in working modules of food machines

Maytakov A.L., Osintsev A.M., Beryazeva L.N.

It is presented the problem solution of the correlation estimation of the corrosion stability in working modules of food machines on the basis of emulsifier. It has been stated, that jet – abrasive treatment may serve as an efficient way of preparing worn working surfaces of the food equipment operating in ordinary and hostile environment. The correlation assessment of influence of different technological factors on the corrosion stability allowed to determine the priorities when setting the treatment modes of the working emulsifier modules for particular operation environment.

Keywords: corrosion stability, correlation estimation, jet-abrasive treatment..

Working out of the optimum diagram on speed for not very greater movings of electric drives of the alternating current

Dobrobaba Yu.P., Shpilev A.A., Murlina E.A.

Item electric drives of an alternating current with the asynchronous engine and the frequency converter find in the food-processing industry more and more a wide circulation. The optimum diagramme on speed for small movings of electric drives of an alternating current is offered, its parametres and living conditions are defined. Analytical dependences of an angle of rotation of the electric drive on time are found at its optimum movement on speed.

Keywords: the diagramme of moving of the electric drive, diagramme parametres, a condition of existence of the diagramme, analytical dependences of an angle of rotation of the electric drive on time..

Clearing of metal surfaces of details the food-industry equipment by oxidation method

Glukhen'ky I.Yu., Lavrentyev A.V., Minenko V.G., Khoroshun K.V.

Optimum regimes of metal surface oxidation of the equipment of the food-industry details are defined. Cleanliness of a metal surface after removal of oxide depending on oxidation modes is investigated. Economically effective method of faultless clearing of metal surfaces of the process equipment details is developed.

Keywords: clearing of details surface, equipment of food-industry, electrolysis..

Mechanics of interaction of machine working bodies with the processed material

Borodyansky V.P.

For creation of the generalised technique of power power calculation of the devices making machining of material (pressing, crushing, cutting, grinding etc.) the elementary physical model (EPM) the real device is offered. The model consists of plates two moving and located at an angle to each other between which there is processed material. Substantive provisions and assumptions for model are considered. The design procedure considers communication of geometrical, kinematics and power parameters EPM. It is shown that the major factors defining distribution of capacity between plates of model are position of vector of relative speed of plates and the relation of their speeds.

Keywords: machining of material, elementary physical model, power power calculation, generalised technique..

Methods of Investigation, Quality & Safety of Food Products


Use of factor “activity of water” at determination biscuit products safety

Shaltumaev T.Sh., Mogilny M.P.

Explored microbiological factors of safety dry biscuit mixtures, biscuit test, baked biscuit products using the factor «activity of water».

Keywords: biscuit, biscuit mixtures, microbiological products safety, activity of water..

Method of determining the charge of suspensions in sugar manufacture

Savostin A.V., Shuray P.E., Reshetova R.S., Lutsyuk A.M., Laryukhina A.N.

The researches on the method of determining the charge of suspensions of sugar manufacture are conducted. The method consists in determining suspension effect of suspensions.

Keywords: pre defecation, method of determining the charge of suspensions in sugar manufacture, suspension effect..

Technique for beer possible dirtyness measurement according to the tracer substance beer contents or its intermediate product

Tretyak L.N., Gerasimov E.M.

A new available plant laboratory technique for microelement concentration dirtyness of the final product measurement (ODE rate, mg/l) with the potential toxic elements according to the toxic trace contaminants actual concentration has been offered.

Keywords: beer, microelements concentration measurement technique, accessible rate, beer toxicity, level of normalization for beer toxicity, beer utility factors..

Determination of the safe use period of juices and nectars after infringement of hermetic packaging

Egorova Z.E.

Changes of physical-chemical and microbiological indicators of sterilized (pasteurized) juices and nectars in the glass container and the container made of combined materials (Tetra-Brik aseptic) are studied at their storage in the opened state under different temperature conditions. Microbiological indicators prove to be the major criterion for establishing the period of safe use of juice products after infringement of their hermetic packaging. Vegetable juices and nectars require investigation of the amount of nitrates and vitaminized production – vitamin C mass fraction.

Keywords: juices, nectars, microbiological indicators, period of safe use..

Equilibrium modelling in three-component liquid-liquid systems: isobutanol-ethanol-water and isoamylol-ethanol-water

Siyukhov Kh.R., Artamonov A.M., Lunina L.V., Korotkova T.G.

On experimental data parametres of pair power interaction ?g12, ?g21, a12 of NRTL model in system liquid–liquid for mixes: isoamylol–water, isoamylol–ethanol, isobutanol–water and isobutanol–ethanol are defined. Comparison of the experimental and settlement data is shown on triangular diagrammes isoamylol–ethanol–water and isobutanol–ethanol–water.

Keywords: isoamylol, isobutanol, liquid–liquid balance, NRTL model..

Industrial ecology & Biotechnology of Food Systems


Technology of soap economic reception from fat-containing industrial sewages a meat-packing plant

Butovsky M.E.

Technological scheme of the soap economic reception from industrial sewages containing fat of the meat-packing plant is described. The material balance of the process will formed. The accounting rates component are brought on 1 ton of the ready product.

Keywords: industrial sewages with contents of fat, meat-packing plant, lye, soap, caustic soda..

Final cleaning of water pollution of food industry by modified sorbents

Shapkin N.P., Zhamskaya N.N., Katkova S.A.

Is devoted to the investigation to the sorption properties of natural and modified chitosan and ferroferricyanide to complexes zeolite and vermiculite in the relation with protein solution. The forms of the received isotherms of adsorption give us data about sorption properties of the material and sor?tion character of the certain substances. There were studied the processes of the afterpurification of the food industry pollution waters with the application of modified sorbents on the last stage, and there were given certain recommendation.

Keywords: alumosilicate, zeolite, vermiculite, sewage water, protein, chitosan..

Short Reports


Nuclear-magnetic relaxation characteristics of protons triacylglycerine vegetable oils in the solid phase

Lisovaya E.V., Kornena E.P., Prudnikov S.M., Illarionova V.V., Berezutskaya O.V.

With use of the modernised nuclear-magnetic relaxation (NMR) analyzer AMB-1006M record NMR signals of protons
triacylglycerine (TAG) of vegetable oils in the solid phase. It has been established a distinction of spin-spin relaxation times of protons TAGolive and high oleic sunflower oils in the solid phase, which is due to the structural features of TAGthese oils in the solid phase.

Keywords: pulsed NMR, olive and high oleic sunflower oils, oils identification..

Increasing the protein content in bread at the expense of long-term preparing dough

Chechulin V.L., Melckhin V.M.

The features of preparation technology of bread with high content of protein by long-term preparing dough weight (12–24 hours) at the expense of reception the full high-mass protein of yeast is described.

Keywords: bread with high content of protein, protein of yeast, long-term preparing dough weight..

Vegetative fibers of seeds of a melon as a basis for reception of meat pastes

Franko E.P.

The biochemical structure of seeds of melons and their fabrics is researched. The data on the albuminous products received from two grades of seeds of melon Yuzhanka and Kolkhoznitsa are resulted. They are qualitative emulsifiers, stabilizers emulsion and are capable to keep fat well. The albuminous products from seeds of a melon can be recommended for creation of foodstuff with its use in the meat industry.

Keywords: albuminous additives, seeds of a melon, biochemical structure, functional properties, paste..

Authenticity estimation of russian cognacs under the maintenance ot nonvolatile components

Lepsheeva A.N., Ageeva N.M.

Authenticity determination of russian cognacs by analysis of nonvolatile components is conduct, especially extractive substances, pH value and monosaccharide as decomposition product of lignine.

Keywords: cognacs, cognac’s authenticity, nonvolatile components, extractive substances, pH value..

Hydraulic resistances of diphasic flows’ motions in vertical pipes of the jet-injection tube shell

Sivenkov A.V., Agaev K.E., Dugnisi A.V.

The article discusses the problem of estimation of hydraulic resistances during the motion of the diphasic flows in the vertical pipes of the jet-injection tube shell.

Keywords: diphasic flows, hydraulic resistances, coefficient of resistance..

Influence of temperature and pH environment on activity of peroxidaze, taken out from Jerusalem artichoke

Stepuro M.V., Quitaylo I.V., Shutova K.S.

Peroxidaze is a ferment that oxidizes substratum with the help of hydrogrn peroxide or with the help of organic peroxide. Peroxidaze is taken out from different sorts of Jerusalem artichoke and its activity is determined under the variations of temperature, exposition and active acidity. The optimal exponents of the mentioned above factors are determined in order to show maximum activity of the given ferment. Recommended regimes, contributing to the inactivation of peroxidaze.

Keywords: peroxidaze, oxidation, Jerusalem artichoke, temperature, ??, ferments activity..

Confectionery products of functional purpose with addition of oat flour

Amineva I.Ya., Tamova M.Yu., Kochetov V.K.

It is established that replacement of 30 % of wheat flour on oat flour in manufacturing techniques of wafer sheets for confectionery products allows to raise the contents in them of food fibres in 12 times, without changing essentially technical characteristics on product.

Keywords: functional products, confectionery products, food fibres..

Teaching-methodical Work


Perspective researches of technologies bakery products of the functional purpose

Roslyakov Yu.F., Vershinina O.L., Gonchar V.V.

Scientific bases of working out of new technologies of bakery products of so-called «healthy» assortment on base nutritional are presented correction which possess certain functional properties and intended both for dietary and dietetic therapy, and for preventive, mass consumption. The improving role of natural biologically active vegetative additives is shown. Prospects of their application in the compoundings of bakery products of a functional purpose developed on chair of technology of baking, macaroni and confectionery manufacture by KubSTU are shined.

Keywords: natural biologically active additives, nutritional correction, advanced technology, bakery products of a functional purpose..
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