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Food Raw Materials & Ingredients


Current status and structure of vegetable protein world resources

P.I. Kudinov, T.V. Schekoldina, A.S. Slizkaya

The analysis of data on vegetable protein world resources over the last 10 years and their placement on geographical regions and economic groups of the countries is carried out.

Keywords: food protein, protein resources, vegetable proteins, proteins of an animal origin .

Rice grain preparation by varieties on grain company of Krasnodar region

V.I. Gospadinova, T.L. Korotenko, T.N. Prudnikova

Researches results of varieties structure of crops of rice in Krasnodar region, quality and volumes of preparation of rice grain by different grades on the grain company of Krasnodar region are presented. Expediency separate on varieties and types of reception and processing rice-grain is revealed. The short rice grain and long rice grain as suitable for these purposes are recommended.

Keywords: rice grain, short rice grain and long rice grain, rice grit, quality of rice .

Food value of the plum fruits growing in Kemerovo region

S.N. Kravchenko, O.V. Golub, A.G. Kozhura, V.V. Trikhina

The researches results of organoleptic indicators, chemical composition and content of biologically active substances of two grades of plum growing in the Kemerovo region are presented.

Keywords: fruit raw materials, plum, food value, biologically active substances, organoleptic indicators .

Chemistry of Food Products & Materials


Influence of low-temperature hygrothermal conditions of processing on color and biochemical indicators of half-finished products from carrots and beet

N.S. Rodionova, V.V. Khripushin, E.S. Popov, L.D.K. De Souza

It is established that application of a low-temperature hygrothermal mode of processing of semi-finished products from carrots and beet, previously packed into a polymeric film, allows to improve their color characteristics, to reduce technological losses, and also to raise biochemical indicators and antioxidant activity in comparison with the samples processed in the traditional way.

Keywords: hygrothermal processing, low-temperature thermal processing, computer colorimetry, biochemical indicators .

Antidisbacteriosis effect of ?-lactalbumin and lactoferrin hydrolysates composition

L.S. Samokhina, G.S. Komolova, V.I. Ganina, I.I. Ionova, G.V. Semenov

Researches results of preventive action of composition lactoferrin + ?-lactalbumin, native proteins and after enzymatic hydrolysis, against antibiotic induced dysbacteriosis are presented. It is established that protective effect of a hydrolysates complex is more effective some native proteins, and it is possible to recommend them as basis when developing new natural preventive means of antidisbacteriosis orientation.

Keywords: lactoferrin, ?-lactalbumin, proteolytic enzymes, proteolysis, enzymatic hydrolysate, disbacteriosis .

Comparative analysis of chemical composition of tobacco raw materials

V.P. Pisklov, S.K. Kochetkova, N.A. Duruncha, L.V. Kokorina, S.A. Medvedeva, I.A. Reznichenko

The comparative research of 130 samples of sheet tobacco of variety a Burley, Virginia and Oriental of the various manufacturing countries according to the content of the main components of a chemical composition: nicotine, carbohydrates, proteins, chlorine and crude ashes is carried out. The size of change of indicators of a chemical composition within one variety of the tobacco which has been grown up in various climatic conditions is studied.

Keywords: tobacco, tobacco raw materials, chemical composition, nicotine, carbohydrates, proteins, chlorine .

Germination influence on amino acids composition of mash beans

S.A. Kazymov, T.N. Prudnikova

The comparative assessment of a chemical composition of mash beans before and after a germination is given. Changes of amino acids composition of mash beans, occurring at germination are considered. The received results allow to recommend the germinated mash beans for creation of functional purpose products.

Keywords: mash bean culture, beans germination, amino acids composition of beans, physiologically functional raw materials .

Scientific Review


Antioxidant properties and chemical composition of winter varieties of apples

N.V. Makarova, D.F. Valiulina, V.V. Bakharev

The results of comparative research of physical and chemical indicators and indicators of antioxidant activity of 9 winter varieties of the apples which are grown up in the territory of the Samara region are presented. On the studied indicators the strongest and weakest varieties of apples are revealed.

Keywords: winter varieties of apples, antioxidant activity, phenolic substances, flavonoids, Folin–Ciocalteu, 2,2-diphenyl-1-picrylhydrazyl .

Chemistry of Food Products & Materials


Improvement of simultaneous definition method of organic and mineral acids sum in foodstuff

O.N. Sheludko, T.V. Guzik, N.K. Strizhov

The theoretical analysis of the reasons of stability of dimer of acetic acid in water solutions is carried out. Curve distributions of molecular and ionic forms at titration are constructed. The nature of hydrogen and intermolecular links is analysed. The received results can be used for improvement of assessment of quality methods and identification of raw materials and production of winemaking and other food productions.

Keywords: acetic acid, curve distributions of dimeric forms, structure of dimer of monocarboxylic acids .



Flour use from pumpkin seeds in ferment preparation for rye-wheat bread

I.M. Kucheryavenko, N.V. Ilchishina, O.L. Vershinina

Possibility and expediency of use of the flour received from pumpkin seeds of a Golosemyannaya grade at cultivation of rye ferments is investigated. Influence of various dosages of a flour from pumpkin seeds on change of quantitative and qualitative structure of ferment microflora in the ferment maturing process is defined.

Keywords: flour from pumpkin seeds, rye ferment, rye flour, rye ferment microflora.

Features of functional and technological properties of dietary fibers in pastry

E.V. Konovalova, I.B. Krasina, N.A. Tarasenko, A.B. Buzunar, Yu.N. Nikonovich

Studied the functional and technological properties of dietary fiber in order to determine their possible use in pastry technology. Revealed their high sorption and water-absorbing capacity.

Keywords: dietary fiber, technological properties, water absorption, swelling, sorption capacity.

Albuminous and carbohydrate products from vegetative raw materials as component of biologically active additives and functional food

I.V. Shulvinskaya, V.G. Lobanov, A.D. Minakova, S.V. Demchenko, O.V. Ovsyannikova

The albuminous and carbohydrate composition including the biomodified albuminous component, received of olive cultures seeds, and a powder from Jrusalem artichoke tubers is developed. The technology of vegetable albumen biomodification of and a way of receiving a powder of Jrusalem artichoke are proved. Possibility of use of the offered composition in functional food and as component of biologically active additives is considered.

Keywords: biomodified albumen, olive raw materials, inulin, cellulose, Jrusalem artichoke, treatment-and-prophylactic food, biologically active additives.

Enrichment technology of dairy products for children of iodine and selenium bioavailable form

A.A. Korotkova, I.F. Gorlov

The efficiency of an innovative system technology enrichment of dairy products for children bioavailable iodine and selenium in the composition of goat milk made from she-goat fed with feed a fodder additive Ioddar-Zn and preparation DAFS-25 is proved. Results of research of indicators of quality of the received dairy products are presented.

Keywords: goat milk, iodine, selenium, baby food, freeze-drying.

Influence of beet dietary fibers on rheological properties of cake pastry without sugar

T.A. Karachanskaya, I.B. Krasina, N.A. Tarasenko, P.S. Krasin

The influence of beet dietary fibers additives on rheological properties of the cake pastry prepared without use of granulated sugar, with the addition of stevioside as a sweetener is investigated. Increase of ductility and viscosity of cake pastry is established at simultaneous decrease of adhesive tension.

Keywords: dietary fibers, stevioside, cake pastry, rheological properties of pastry.

Development of pudding rusk preparation technology with chocolate and coffee additive

V.V. Chaplinskiy, A.D. Toshev, E.D. Pavlova

The formulation of a pudding rusk with the chocolate and coffee additive increasing food value of a product, for catering enterprises is developed. Physicochemical and organoleptic indicators of prototypes are defined. Economic efficiency of new product release is calculated.

Keywords: rusk pudding, chocolate, coffee, product food value.

Development of formulation low-calorie ice cream with functional ingredients

E.I. Melnikova, Е.Е. Рорova, E.В. Stanislavskaya

The carbohydrate composition, protein fractions and other indicators of the quality of new functional product – low-calorie ice cream with reduced lactose is investigated. Bioconversion of lactose in the milk mixture on the basis whey proteins microparticularity were carried out in the presence of an enzyme preparation Maxilact®. Developed a food product of functional orientation provides balanced diet and is recommended as a healthy food product.

Keywords: : hydrolysis of lactose, whey proteins microparticularity, low-calorie ice cream, enzyme preparation Maxilact®.

Use domestic liquid lecithin when making complex emulsifiers-stabilizers

E.A. Butina, I.A. Dubrovskaya, A.N. Kharchenko

The research results of functional and technological characteristics of sunflower liquid lecithin, received from domestic raw materials are presented. Recommendations about their use at creation of complex emulsifiers-stabilizers of food emulsions for products of dietary food are developed.

Keywords: lecithin, emulsifier, stabilizer, water and fatty emulsions.

Biocompositions development of antioxidizing and gastroprotection actions on the basis of alcohol waste

A.Sh. Kayshev, N.Sh. Kaysheva, Yu.K. Vasilenko, M.F. Marshalkin

On the basis of wheaten alcohol waste the way of reception of two complexes of biologically active substances is offered. The complex from a liquid phase of waste mainly consists of proteins, amino acids, including irreplaceable and also restoring sugars. The complex from a solid phase of waste consists of proteins, amino acids, including irreplaceable, fat acids, including irreplaceable, flavonoids, vitamins. In experiments on rats it is proved practical antitoxicity both complexes. It is established, that the first complex possesses expressed gastroprotection action, stimulate secretory and proteolytic functions of a stomach; the second complex shows antioxidant activity, effectively interfering with development of processes lipid peroxidation.

Keywords: alcohol waste, biologically active substances, chemical composition, antioxidizing and gastroprotection action.

Preparation of cognac distillates with addition in wine material crude alcohol from yeast sediments of processed by ferment preparations

M.S. Gadjiev, P.Ya. Mishiev, I.S. Smirnov

The researches results on fermentolysis a yeast sediments when receiving crude alcohol from them are given. Application of ferment preparations (FP) allows to strengthen degradation processes of yeast cell for more complete extraction of useful components. Expediency of processing of a fresh yeast precipitation of FP and addition of the received crude alcohol to cognac wine material at distillation in number of 2–3% in terms of absolute alcohol is shown.

Keywords: yeast, ferment preparation, crude alcohol, cognac distillate.

Structural and mechanical properties of gingerbread dough at introduction of orange dietary citri-fi fibres

Yu.N. Nikonovich, N.A. Tarasenko, I.B. Krasina

Research results of orange dietary Citri-Fi fibers influence on rheological properties of gingerbread dough at replacement of fat by the fatty composition consisting of water and dietary fibers are presented. Gingerbread dough with the content of dietary Citri-Fi fibers in number of 10% from weight of fat in the father-in-law has the best technological properties.

Keywords: orange Citri-Fi fibers, gingerbread dough, fatty composition, rheological properties of dough.

Influence of processing products of sea-buckthorn berries on formation of properties of the dairy basis of ice-cream

V.I. Bobchenko, L.A. Tekuteva, Zh.P. Pavlova, O.M. Son, Yu.K. Botsko

Influence of processing products of sea-buckthorn berries additives on organoleptic and physical and chemical characteristics of a dairy basis of ice-cream is investigated. The use possibility of the wiped fruits of sea-buckthorn berries by production of soft ice-cream for the purpose of expansion of its range and increase of biological value is established.

Keywords: dairy basis of ice-cream, sea-buckthorn berries, carrageenan, product organoleptic assessment.

Bread on basis of kneaded semi-finished products for a preventive food

O.V. Pribytkova

The technology of kneaded bread for preventive nutrition having high biological value was developed. The influence of enriching recipe components on the properties of semi-finished products and finished products quality indicators was studied.

Keywords: bakery products, kneaded half-finished product, whey, rye malt, concentrated apple juice.

Development of bakery products technology of functional purpose with use of tritiсale flour and sweeteners

Z.I. Asmaeva, E.N. Shapovalov, A.A. Kirimbaeva

The research results of use possibility of sweeteners isomalt and stevioside in bakery products technology of a functional purpose from a mixture of a wheat and tritiсale flour are presented. Isomalt it is recommended to use at a stage of preliminary activation of the pressed yeast that promotes decrease in their expense, an intensification of process of fermentation of dough and improvement of quality of finished goods. For an intensification of process of fermentation of dough with introduction stevioside it is offered to use the tea leaves prepared from a flour and water. Complete produc ts are characterized by the maximum specific volume, high porosity, a soft, elastic, easily compressed crumb, possess pleasant sweetish taste.

Keywords: sweeteners, isomalt, stevioside, activation of yeast, intensification of fermentation dough process.

Way of processing of rapana thomasiana meat for its softening and increase of water-retaining capacity

N.V. Magzumova, M.V. Keleshyan, А.А. Solodova, E.E. Malinovskaya

Researches results of influence of processing Rapana thomasiana meat by carbon dioxide under pressure upon its rigidity and water-retaining capacity are presented. Positive the effect of this way of processing on the specified indicators of meat is established. Optimum parameters of process are defined.

Keywords: meat of Rapana thomasiana, collagen-containing raw materials, organic acids, carbon dioxide.

Expansion possibilities of meat-vegetable products range of functional orientation for school age children

N.Yu. Gerasimova, T.V. Kovtun

The analysis of a chemical composition of different types of non-traditional meat raw materials for the purpose of its use in production of meat-vegetable products of a functional orientation is carried out. The formulations of meat-vegetable chopped products of the increased food and biological value recommended for a food of school age children are developed.

Keywords: functional food, non-traditional types of meat raw materials, meat-vegetable products, food of school age children.

Authenticity criteria development of naturally semi-sweet and naturally semi-dry wines

E.V. Kushnereva, T.I. Guguchkina

The justification of authenticity criteria of the naturally semi-sweet and naturally semi-dry wines which are based on basic differences of their production technology is carried out. The authenticity criteria of naturally semi-sweet (semi-dry) wines on the content of glycerol, the ratio of volatile components and the value of the ash are established and experimentally proved.

Keywords: naturally semi-sweet wines, naturally semi-dry wines, authenticity criteria of wines, gas chromatography, glycerol, ratio of volatile components, ash-content.

Processes & Apparatus


Mathematical model of extraction process by a liquid dioxide carbon from vegetative raw materials in the form of an unlimited plate

Yu.I. Shishatsky, S.Yu. Plyukha, S.S. Ivanov

The mathematical model of extraction process is constructed by a liquid dioxide carbon from vegetative raw materials in the form of an unlimited plate. Check on adequacy to experimental data is executed.

Keywords: object of extraction, unlimited plate, field of concentration.

Calculation of time baking bakery products depending on size and thickness of formed crust

V.E. Kutsakova, S.V. Frolov, T.V. Shkotova

The calculated methods of process kinetics of crust formation of at baking of bakery products and the related regularities allowing to count actually baking time are offered. The developed methods possess generality property and can be used for all types of baked products.

Keywords: baking duration of bakery products, crust formation of bakery products, heat conductivity.

Influence of hydrothermal processing mode on rheological characteristics of maize grain

N.M. Kuzmenkova, L.N. Krikunova

On basis of research of steaming influence upon rheological characteristics of maize grain the conditions of corn seed preprocessing using hydrothermal treatment method was developed. The conditions allow to reduce wastage of starch which transforms into foetus fraction in process of grinded seed dissemination. The treatment method described gives a possibility to process maize seed through a more competitive multi-product scheme.

Keywords: maize grain, hydrothermal treatment, rheological characteristics, ethanol receiving.

Selection of rational modes at sublimation drying of blood plasma

D.E. Fedorov, V.A. Ermolaev

Researches of sublimation drying of pork blood plasma with selection of parameters a preliminary freezing, temperature in the chamber and thickness of a layer were carried out. On the basis of the received results rational parameters of drying mode of blood plasma are established.

Keywords: blood plasma, sublimation drying, protein preservation, product dehydration.

Complex technology of cognac distillates production of improved quality

M.S. Gadjiev, P.Ya. Mishiev

Researches results on improvement of technological processes of cognac distillates production, enrichment by their enanthic ether and extractive substances of oak wood in the distillation process are given. Two technological mode of receiving cognac distillates of the improved quality are developed. The hardware and technological scheme of cognac distillates production is presented.

Keywords: cognac distillates, oak wood, enanthic ether, extractive substances.

Thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of heavy metal ions sorption process on modified inorganic sorbent in waste waters of the food industry enterprises

T.N. Bokovikova, A.A. Nekrasova, N.M. Privalova, D.M. Privalov, M.V. Dvadnenko

The new inorganic sorbent on the basis of the magnesium and aluminum hydroxides, possessing high sorption activity in relation to ions of heavy metals in multicomponent solutions is received. Thermodynamic and kinetic characteristics of sorption process of copper (II), cadmium (II), zinc and lead (II) ions on the received sorbent are established. It is recommended to use the synthesized sorbent for extraction and concentration of heavy metals ions from waste water of the food industry enterprises.

Keywords: waste water, heavy metals ions, synthetic sorbent, physical and chemical properties of sorbent, adsorption.

Characteristics improvement of thermal sensors of steam-gas media expense in technological processes of food productions

V.G. Minenko, R.V. Teryukha

The process of heat transfer of steam-gas mixture with a metal-polymeric sensitivity of the primary element of the heat flow transducer with a narrow gas channel is investigated. The results are characteristic of the converter connected to the flow of its design parameters, which allows using the design of solutions to achieve the required that are optimal, the characteristics of the converter. The results of theoretical investigations are in good agreement with experimental data in the working range of gas flow.

Keywords: sensors of gas expense, primary converter, steam-gas medium, heat exchange.

Methods of Investigation, Quality & Safety of Food Products


Creation methods of pro-biotic bacteria association

N.R. Khamitova, T.I. Timofeenko, V.S. Yakimenko

The methods of development of the combined pro-biotic preparation on the basis of strains of lactic microorganisms of Lactobacilus acidophilus and Lactococcus lactis is presented. Technological and pro-biotic properties of strains are revealed. Optimum modes of their joint cultivation are defined.

Keywords: probiotics, association of microorganisms, pro-biotic properties, stability to antibiotics.

Evaluation of biologically active additives for the prevention of obesity

V.V. Sadovoy, A.A. Aralina, O.Yu. Bunina, T.V. Schedrina

With the help of computational chemistry studied the molecular properties of L-carnitine, lecithin and allicin. Molecular docking revealed lipotropic properties of L-carnitine and the expediency of the use of lecithin and allicin as the drugs prevent the formation of new fat. Nutritional supplement with recommended biologically active components used in the technology of cooked sausages. The preventive properties, high biological value and safety of meat products are confirmed.

Keywords: L-carnitine, lecithin, allicin, lipase, molecular properties, molecular docking, complex compounds.

Simulation of the praline sweets production of functional purpose

L.M. Danovich, N.A. Tarasenko, P.S. Krasin, I.B. Krasina

The imitating model of technological process of the praline sweets production of functional purpose, based on the Monte-Carlo method is developed. Bottlenecks of technological process are defined and models of management are offered by them.

Keywords: imitating modeling, technological process, praline sweets.

Features of wines sample preparation for multielement analysis by ICP-AES

V.V. Perekotiy, A.A. Kaunova, V.I. Petrov, T.G. Tsyupko, Z.A. Temerdashev

Different ways of sample preparation of wine varieties have been considered for multielement analysis (21 metals were determined simultaneously). The merits and disadvantages of these ways were discussed. It was shown the dilution of wines is a sufficient condition of sample preparation for multielement analysis by using ICP-AES.

Keywords: atomic-emission spectroscopy with inductively coupled plasma, sample preparation of wine, natural wines.

Methodology engineering of development and management of cognacs enterprise

P.Ya. Mishiev

The methodology of the process focused development and management of the cognac enterprise, including the strategic directions of an attainment of the enterprise on leading positions, promotion of the products on market, improvement of cognacs technology is offered. Results of benchmarking researches and a consumer assessment of production are given.

Keywords: cognac production, enterprise management, marketing, requirements of consumers, assessment of production quality.

Sorption process modelling of copper (II), cadmium (II), zinc and lead (II) ions on magnesium-aluminum sorbent in waste water of food industry enterprises

A.A. Nekrasova, T.N. Bokovikova, N.M. Privalova, D.M. Privalov, M.V. Dvadnenko

The sorption process modelling of copper (II), cadmium (II), zinc and lead (II) ions at their joint presence at waste water of the food industry enterprises by the developed inorganic sorbent on the basis of aluminum and magnesium hydroxides is described. Comparison of settlement and experimental data showed efficiency of theoretical forecasts of sorption cleaning.

Keywords: waste water, dynamics of sorption, heavy metals, process modeling, adsorption.

Short Reports


New technology of scalded gingerbread products with use of non-traditional vegetative raw materials

S.E. Kharkov, V.V. Gonchar, Yu.F. Roslyakov

Technologies of scalded gingerbread products with use of non-traditional vegetative raw materials are developed. It is shown that use by production of gingerbread products of the flour received from germinated seeds of melon, promotes improvement of organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators of finished goods.

Keywords: flour confectionery, formulation of gingerbread products, germinated seeds of melon, organoleptic indicators.

Grain shells of peas – perspective by-products raw materials for receiving dietary fibers

N.V. Shelepina, N.E. Polynkova

The research of grain and of grain shells of modern grades peas is carried out. The weight of 1000 seeds, thickness and the content shells grain of peas are defined. The variety samples with the greatest content of shells in grain are selected which are recommended as raw materials for receiving dietary fibers.

Keywords: grain of peas, grain shells of peas, processing by-products, waste-free technologies.

Modelling of pneumatic separation process of sunflower particles crashed in the vertical air stream

V.V. Derevenko, G.A. Gluschenko, Yu.Yu. Tkachenko

The mathematical model of movement of sunflower particles crashed in a vertical air stream by pneumatic separation is developed. The model identified on the experimental data received at research of work of a pneumatic separator.

Keywords: pneumatic separation equipment, vertical air stream, mathematical modeling, sunflower particles crashed.
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