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Short Reports


Priority of Kuban State Technological University is quality of education

Lobanov V.G.

To the Jubilee of the Faculty of Technology and Merchandising of Voronezh State Agrarian University


Faculty of technology and marchandising of Voronezh SAU: formation and development prospects

Derkanosova N.M., Kotik O.A.

Main results of scientific work of department of processing technology of crop production of the Voronezh SAU

V.I. Manzhesov, T.N. Tertychnaya, S.V. Kalashnikova, I.V. Maksimov, S.Yu. Churikova, M.V. Anosova

The main results of the researches conducted on department of processing technology of crop production of Voronezh SAU on the complex subject “Improvement of Production, Equipment and Technology of Storage and Processing of Crop Production” in the field of storage and processing of, cereal and bean cultures are presented.

Keywords: carrots, sugar beet, lentil, foodstuff of the raised nutrition value.

Forecast of positive reaction of the customers on new types of baked goods

N.M. Derkanosova, G.V. Shurshikova, V.K. Gins

For forecasting positive reaction of customers on new types of baked goods is offered to use logit-models of multiple choice. Conclusion about auspicious forecast of reaction of a customer to bread from muxture of rye and wheat flour with yacon is made. Permissible level of decrease of single organoleptic features for goods with functional foodstuffs ingredients is defined.

Keywords: baked goods from mixture of rye and wheat flour, customer features, logit-models, models of multiple well-ordered choice, yacon.

Development of cottage cheese products on the basis of goat milk with vegetable fillers

M.G. Sysoevа, I.A. Glotova, S.V. Kalashnikovа, N.V. Borzunovа

New cottage cheese products on the basis of goat milk are developed. For decrease in prime cost and increase of an organoleptic assessment in a compounding of the developed products are used hydrothermal the processed and homogenized grain millet, and also berries or vegetables purees (plum, bilberry, carrots). Products have the standard physical and chemical indicators, the enriched mineral and balanced amino acid composition.

Keywords: goat milk, cottage cheese products, vegetable components, tasting assessment, amino acid composition, biological value.

Quality characteristics and safety indexes of quail meat

V.I. Kotarev, N.A. Kashirina, I.N. Ponomareva

The result of the quail meat study received at birds slaughter age of 42, 49, 56, 63, 70 days are presented. The data of chemical composition, meat productivity, content of essential amino acids and indexes of safety of quail meat are given. The results of the research make it possible to determine the optimum age of quails slaughter to receive meat of super biological value.

Keywords: quail meat, safety of foodstuffs, meat quality, content of essential amino acids.

Optimization of beverage containing juice on basis of lentil dispersion

S.V. Butova, M.N. Shakhova, N.V. Korolkova, O.A. Kotik, A.A. Kolobaeva, K.V. Strzhalkovskaya, E.V. Panina, A.A. Rtishchev

By using methods of mathematical design experiments of “Statistica” program optimized beverage containing juice on basis of lentil dispersion with addition of fruit and vegetable juices.

Keywords: beverage containing juice, dispersion of lentil, protein product, regression analysis, regression model.

Economics of Food Industry


Improving the system of enterprises corporate planning fat-and-oil industry of Krasnodar region with the purpose of their competitiveness increase

G.L. Bayanduryan, P.S. Shapovalova

The cause of the low system effectiveness of the enterprises corporate planning which rate as fat-and-oil industry of the Krasnodar region were researched. The interaction of enterprises corporate planning system with the state of the market of raw materials and finished products. The need for a system approach to planning and directions of its implementation are displayed.

Keywords: corporate planning, fat-and-oil industry, the system approach, the market of finished products, raw materials market, strategic, tactical and operational planning.

Chemistry of Food Products & Materials


Mechanism of chemical updating of starch

V.V. Litvyak, YU.F. Roslyakov

The mechanism of chemical updating of starch is investigated. It is established, that amorphous sites in which starched granules are randomly located first of all are exposed to attack of the chemical agent. Intensity of colouring of different kinds of starch and separate starched granules polar dye depends on quantity of the charged groups containing in them. For an estimation natural starch at carrying out of the phase analysis it is offered to enter affinity factor to the modifying chemical factor by relative degree of amorphous. The important criterion of affinity to the chemical modifying factor also is the size of a starched granule. Granules of chemically modified starch are painted always more intensively, than natural.

Keywords: starch, chemical updating of starch, starch granules, degree of amorphous of starch.

Impact of duration storage on chemical composition and antioxidant indicators of fresh and frozen vegetables

A.V. Borisova, N.V. Makarova

As a result of the study of chemical composition, physical-chemical and antioxidant properties of frozen tomato and pepper in a period of 9 months, carrots and pumpkin within 6 months of storage, it was established that by the end of the storage period, there has been a significant decrease in antioxidant indicators of all vegetables. The tomato and pepper in a frozen state for longer retain their antioxidant properties.

Keywords: storage of vegetables, tomato, sweet pepper, carrot, pumpkin, antioxidant properties.

Comparative assessment of physical and chemical structure and antioxidant activity of import and local apples

N.V. Makarova, D.F. Valiulina

Results of comparative research of 9 grades of the apples which have been grown up in the territory of the Samara region, and 3 grades of import apples on the maintenance of total of phenolic connections, flavonoids, anti-radical ability with use of the free radical of DPPH (2,2’diphenyl-1 picrylhydrazyl), the restoring force, antioxidant activity in system with linoleic acid, and also physical and chemical indicators are presented. It is established that local grades of apples surpass the import in the majority of the studied indicators.

Keywords: fruits of apples, antioxidant activity, phenolic substances, flavonoids, 2,2’-diphenyl-1- picrylhydrazyl.

Protolytic balances in water solutions at formation of volume bicycles of amber acid

O.N. Sheludko, N.K. Strizhov, T.V. Guzik, V.Yu. Kholyavko

The analysis of change of structure of dimer of the amber acid (AA) in water solutions in the course of titration is carried out. It is shown that the АA titrate in one step, but it and its salts exist in the form of the dimers representing volume bicyclic structures, which titrate as quadribasic acids. Comparison of curves of titration of dimer of amber, iminodiamber and etilendiaminodiamber acids is carried out.

Keywords: amber acid, iminodiamber and etilendiaminodiamber acids, dimerization linear and cyclic, constants of balance.

Kinetics of electrocoagulation process in pulse rotating electric field depending on nature of sour polysaccharides

I.A. Machneva, M.V. Filimonov, N.V. Droficheva

The deposition of the pectin in the pulse rotating electric field from extracts obtained from apple raw materials is held. The kinetic curves of the intensity of electrocoagulation of pectin substances in electrical field, depending on starting of the pectin content in the raw materials, the field strength, the temperature and the duration of exposure are presented. Optimum conditions of the process electrocoagulation of pectin are determined.

Keywords: apple raw materials, pectins, kinetics of electrocoagulation, pulse rotating electric field, neutralization of charge.

Increase of activity glutamatdecarboxylase in vegetable raw materials in hypoxia conditions

A.T. Bezusov, E.V. Zubkova

The method of increasing the activity glutamatdecarboxylase in fruits and vegetables by changing the storage conditions of raw materials before removing the juice is proposed. The developed methodology will contribute to the increase of the content in the juice ?-aminobutyric acid.

Keywords: ?-aminobutyric acid, glutamatdecarboxylase, glutamic acid, amino acids, storage of fruits and vegetables.

Features of structure and properties сo2-extracts of hop as components of cosmetics compositions

T.V. Pelipenko, O.V. Kozhevnikova, N.V. Ilchishina, K.S. Meleshina

Are investigated structure and properties of СО2-extracts from hop cones as components of cosmetics compositions. Questions of quality standardization of СО2-extracts are considered. The description of the most important biologically active agents of hop cones is submitted. The physical and chemical and organoleptic parameters of quality of extracts, and also influence of components containing in them on biological activity of СО2-extracts as ingredients of cosmetics are defined. The special attention is paid to a hop phytoestrogen. The concentrate of estrogen-like substances is allocated, its biological activity is investigated.

Keywords: hop СО2-extracts, quality standardization, tocopherols, carotinoids, ?- and ?-acids, phytoestrogens, biological activity.



Development of accelerated technology bakery functionality

Z.I. Asmaeva, E.N. Shapovalov, A.A. Kirimbaeva

The possibility of use of food fibers Camecel FW 200 and beet food fibers in production of bakery products of a functional purpose with the raised nutrition value and the lowered content of digestible carbohydrates is investigated. Optimum dosages of the specified additives and their influence on baking properties of a flour and quality of bread are established. The accelerated technology of preparation of dough is developed for bakery products of a functional purpose on the liquid dispersed phase with application of the brewed intensifying process of fermentation.

Keywords: beet fiber food, Camecel FW 200, intensification dough fermentation, brewed, indicator of bread quality.

Influence of mechanochemical treatment on activity of enzyme system and technological properties of rice shorts

V.I. Martovshchuk, S.A. Kalmanovich, E.V. Martovshchuk, G.A. Mkhitaryants, T.Yu. Shapkun

The effect of mechanochemical treatment on the activity of the enzyme system and technological properties of rice shorts, used as a raw material source for functionally useful proteins and rice oil with a complex physiological valuable components is investigated. The feature of rice shorts is insufficient degree of crushing and low resistance to oxidative and hydrolytic process that reduces the yield and quality of the extracted valuable substances. Defined modes of mechanochemical processing of rice shorts, which help to reduce the activity of lipase and lipoxygenase and the degree of crushing of rice shorts.

Keywords: rice shorts, mechanochemical activator, inactivation of enzymes, crushing, bulk density.

Use of sweetener tregaloza in production of drinks from whey

E.I. Melnikova, E.S. Skrylnikova, E.S. Rudnichenko

The possibility of a sweetener tregaloza use in technology of drinks from whey is investigated. Organoleptic and physical and chemical indicators of the developed drink on the basis of the whey, enriched tregaloza and food fibers are given.

Keywords: sweetener, tregaloza, drink from whey, functional products.

Development of technology of functionality cocktail on the basis of cottage cheese serum

V.N. Grosheva, N.V. Nepovinnykh, N.M. Ptichkina

The production technology of oxygen functionality cocktail on the based of cottage cheese serum and pumpkin juice are developed. For improve the quality and stability of the foam and for enrich the product by additional dietary fibers used polysaccharides of different nature.

Keywords: aerated dairy products, oxygen cocktails, polysaccharides, cottage cheese serum.

Use of protein lupin concentrate received of multisubstrate bioconversion of initial raw material in technology of fermented milk product

L.A. Zabodalova, L.M. Kuznetsova, A.A. Kiyabaeva

The method of preparation of protein concentrates via water extraction of non-protein substances from lupin wholegrain flour in acid medium accompanied by a treatment of the substrate by complex enzyme preparations hydrolyzing carbohydrate substances of lupin seeds is studied. Functional-and-technological properties of prepared lupin products were investigated and the possibility of using it as food additive was confirmed. The technology of enriched fermented product on the basis of dried fat-free milk and lupin protein concentrate was proposed and its consumer properties were investigated.

Keywords: Lupinus angustifolius, lupin protein concentrate, lupin whey, hydrolysis of polysaccharides, hydrolytic enzymes.

Wafer products with the lowered content of fat

N.K. Danovich, N.A. Tarasenko, I.B. Krasina, Yu.N. Nikonovich

The possibility of use of the orange dietary fibers (DF) Citri-Fi by production of wafer dough with replacement in formulation margarine on the fatty composition consisting of water and DF is investigated. The optimum dosage of an additive in a formulation of wafer dough is defined.

Keywords: wafer products, orange dietary fibers, fatty composition, structural and mechanical properties of wafers.

Technology of production vegetative additives of a mixture of grain peas and barley for use in combined foodstuffs

N.V. Magzumova, E.E. Malinovskaya

Developed technology of vegetative additives of a mixture of grain peas and barley method of CO2-homogenization. It is established, that the offered technology allows to increase the output and improve the quality of the products.

Keywords: peas, barley, CO2-homogenization, vegetative additives.

Development and optimization of the composition of extruded pellet based bran

O.V. Abramov, I.N. Abramova, L.E. Pustovalova

As a result, an integrated approach is optimized composition pellets functionality based on bran. The percentage of prescription mixture components is identified, process conditions is defined.

Keywords: extrusion, pellets, wheat bran, oat bran, optimization of product composition.

Influence of hydrothermic treatment on technological properties and quality indices of chufa

L.N. Telezhenko, E.V. Zolovskaya

The technology of cleaning and crushing of nuts chufa is offered. Researches results of influence of hydrothermic treatment (HTT) of nuts chufa on fatty-acid structure and dispersion of the crushed mass are presented. It is established that indicators of the quality of the oil of crushed chufa change insignificantly after HTT.

Keywords: chufa, hydrothermic treatment, fatty acids, acid, peroxide and iodine value, dispersion.

Enzymatic production of galacturonic oligosaccharides from apple pomace

A.T. Bezusov, M.G. Liganenko

The adjustable enzymatic way of the receiving of pectin apple pomace is developed. Optimum parameters of carrying out process are determined. It is established that the received mix consisting of heterogeneous glycosides-bound oligosaccharides, with the inclusion of unsaturated monosaccharides manifest themselves as a prebiotic.

Keywords: prebiotics, oligosaccharides, pectin, apple pomace, enzymatic hydrolysis.

Functional and technological properties of isomalt solutions

I.B. Krasina, N.F. Teslenko, A.N. Esina, N.A. Tarasenko, A.V. Golovneva

The results of the study of functional and technological properties of isomalt: solubility in water at different temperatures, with different gelling agents are given. The possibility of application of pectin and gelatin as structure-forming in the production of marmalade on isomalt is shown.

Keywords: isomalt, solubility, agar, pectin, gelatin.

Improvement of production technology of blended flavored tea

M.S. Bezkrovnaya, I.A. Tatarchenko, I.I. Tatarchenko

The technological production line of the blended flavored tea with use of 15% of the restored flavored tea and 85% of natural sheet tea is presented. The ready-made product possesses good physical and chemical indicators and has a high tasting assessment.

Keywords: flavored tea, restored tea, tea waste, CO2-extract.

Use of secondary products of grapes processing in cosmetic products composition with peeling effect

N.V. Loseva, V.E. Tarasov

The possibility of obtaining secondary products of grapes processing, containing fruit acids, components for use in the cosmetics formulas, designed for easy peeling is investigated. Is developed the technological scheme of cosmetic product manufacture, which allows to increase the rate of use of industrial grape.

Keywords: grapes, wine-material, fruit acid, peeling, cosmetic mask.

Food Engineering, Processes, Equipment & Automation of Food Production


Determination of parameters of press channel of roller press

V.P. Borodyanskiy

Options of press channels of roller presses, having two driving rolls and one driving roll are considered. The dependences, allowing determine height of entrance section of the press channel and calculating extent of consolidation of a material are offered.

Keywords: roller press, friability material, press channel, extent of consolidation.

Analysis of operating characteristics of water and freon air coolers

M.V. Derevyanko

Carried out researches of the basic methods of cooling and drying process management in the water and freon coolers used in systems of technological air-conditioning. Identified the advantages and disadvantages of the investigated ways, set the areas for their optimal use.

Keywords: air-conditioning, freon, coolant agent, process of cooling and drying, coefficient of drying.

Structural and parametrical synthesis of executive mechanisms of vibromixing devices

A.I. Smelyagin, I.V. Yukhnevich

On the basis of the developed structural mathematical models the new executive mechanism of vibromixing devices at which amplitude of fluctuations of working body doesn’t depend on drive power is synthesized. The technique of parametrical synthesis of the offered mechanism is developed, the sizes of its links are determined at the imposed restrictions by a corner of fluctuations of a yoke, a corner of pressure and coefficient of change of average speed.

Keywords: vibromixing devices, lever mechanisms, the executive mechanism, structural synthesis, structural mathematical model, parametric synthesis, crank-rocker mechanism.

Technological and exergy data periodic rectification alcohol with heat pump

Kh.R. Siyukhov, S.S. Marinenko, V.V. Engovatova

Simulation of the laboratory plant with a column of the periodic action which mimics the alcohol column distillation plant for heating its top cube recompression vapor the same column. Identified required for modeling of physical and chemical mass transfer and geometric parameters plant. Are represented by the time variation of technological control, the power of the compressor and the quality of the alcohol.

Keywords: distillation plant, periodic rectification, food alcohol, technological parameters, exergy, heat pump, mathematical modeling.

Methods of Investigation, Quality & Safety of Food Products


Research of thermophysical properties of spread of functional orientation

A.N. Ostrikov, A.V. Gorbatova

The research results of thermophysical characteristics of spread – thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity coefficients and the specific thermal capacity, carried out on the measuring Coesfeld RT-1394H installation are presented. Skilled data are processed on the computer in the environment of Microsoft Excel. The joint analysis of thermophysical properties of spreads of a functional orientation allows to use the obtained data when developing mathematical model of process.

Keywords: thermophysical properties, thermal diffusivity, thermal conductivity, mass specific heat, spread.

Analysis of curves of potentiometric titration stums and wines from different grape varieties

O.N. Sheludko, N.K. Strizhov, M.A. Yastrebov, A.V. Mishkileeva

Automatic potentiometric titration with coulometric lasing base titration curves obtained stums and wine for the four grapes varieties. According to the analysis of forms of titration curves shows the relationship of the total content of titratable acids in grape stums and wine with grapes varieties and fermentation process. The influence of content of titratable acids on the course of titration curves is analysed.

Keywords: automatic potentiometric titration, coulometric generation base, rapid determination of the amounts: titratable organic acids in stums and wine.

Ethno-ecological and technological approaches to create of network knowledge base about the national dish of ethnic groups of southern siberia

S.D. Munkueva

The methodological issues of creation of a network knowledge base of the national dishes of ethnic groups of Southern Siberia examines in order to use it for the development of modern technologies of functional products targeted at specific consumer – the population of the regions traditionally of livestock and fisheries.

Keywords: ethno-ecology, ethnic groups of Southern Siberia, recipes national dishes, knowledge base, technology of functional product.

Formation of consumer properties of wafers products of special purpose

E.V. Filippova, I.B. Krasina, N.A. Tarasenko, D.P. Navitskas

The effect of palatinose and powder of Jerusalem artichoke for consumer properties of wafers products do not contain sugar is investigated. It is established, that the developed wafers products are of high organoleptic assessment and increased nutritional value.

Keywords: powder of Jerusalem artichoke, palatinose, wafer sheets, fat filling, consumer properties.

Use of chromato-mass-spectrometry in combination with solid-phase extraction for analysis of cognac products

M.G. Markovskiy

The technique of analysis of cognac products composition on the basis of chromato-mass-spectrometry in combination with solid-phase extraction, able to identify a wide range of components production is investigated. Mathematical modeling, including a selection of important components and construction of the equations of linear regression to determine the age of products is carry out.

Keywords: brandy, cognac distillates, solid phase extraction, chromato-mass-spectrometry, linear regression.

Short Reports


Basic physic-mechanical properties of watermelon seeds which was grown in Tajikistan

V.V. Derevenko, G.Kh. Mirzoev, A.A. Lobanov, E.A. Kalienko

The research results of basic physic-mechanical properties of watermelon seeds of variety “Astrachansky” are presented: the linear sizes, weight of seeds, their volume weight, weight of 1000 seeds and a corner the friction necessary for working out of the technological equipment.

Keywords: linear sizes of watermelon seeds, weight of seeds, rest friction coefficient.

Use of powder from sea-buckthorn fruits in manufacture of bakery products

A.S. Dzhaboeva, L.G. Shaova, R.M. Zhilova, L.Zh. Shiritova

Possibility of expansion of the range of bakeries of products of a functional purpose at the expense of powder use from sea-buckthorn fruits with the high maintenance of antioxidants – ascorbic acid, tocopherols and P-active connections is investigated.

Keywords: functional foods, bakery products, fruits of sea-buckthorn, antioxidants.

Comparative analysis of systems technology refrigeration

M.V. Derevyanko

The main tasks of heat-humidity treatment of the air in the ventilation facilities at the technological conditioning and ways of their decision are determined, identified the basic criteria of a choice of system of cooling.

Keywords: system of cooling, temperature, relative humidity, air-conditioning, coolant agent, freon.

Laboratory distillation plant periodic process with heat pump

S.S. Marinenko, S.V. Cherepov, Kh.R. Siyukhov, T.A. Ustyuzhaninova, T.G. Korotkova

Developed laboratory distillation plant with heat pump, which as a working agent is rectified alcohol. The warmth of alcohol vapor from the top of the distillation column with a pump-compressor transferred to the cube of the column. Found that the parameters and the efficiency of the laboratory plant with a heat pump significantly differs from the values obtained by mathematical modeling. It is shown that, in comparison with the industrial plant facilities, specific heat loss to the environment and loss of pressure in the pipes in a laboratory plant hundreds of times higher. The losses in the industrial plant setting can be ignored.

Keywords: distillation plant periodic process, heat pump, heat losses, mathematical modeling.

Innovative technology of tinned syrups from fruit and berry

L.A. Osipova, T.S. Lozovskaya

On the basis of a combination of various food ingredients the structure providing microbiological resistance of fruit and berry syrups without thermal treatment is developed. The received samples of syrups differ by the high content of biologically active connections and meet the requirements of safety.

Keywords: fruit and berry syrups, thermal treatment of products, barrier technologies.
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