Технология молока и молочных продуктов: традиции и инновации

  • Номер: 2-3 (374-375), 2020
  • Страницы: 115—116
  • Раздел: Рецензии
  • Авторы: А.Г. Храмцов
  • Аннотация:
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Textbook of the XXI century on the technology of dairy products — gift for professionals

  • Number: 2-3 (374-375), 2020
  • Pages: 115—116
  • Section: Reviews
  • Authors: A.G. Khramtsov
  • Annotation:

    Dr of Techn. Sciences, prof., academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences A.G. Khramtsov rating of the textbook was assessing. In 2019, in Barnaul, the publishing house «Apostrophe» published a textbook with the traditional name: «Technology of milk and dairy products», in 3 volumes, the 2nd edition, revised and supplemented. The authors are well-known scientists in the field of milk and dairy products, prof. N.B. Gavrilova (Stolypin Omsk State Agrarian University) and prof. M.P. Shchetinin (Polzunov Altai State Technical University) present for study and research to students, teachers, specialists traditions and innovations of the dairy industry (1st and 2nd vol.), as well as biotechnology of specialized food products (3rd vol.).

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